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It is 2039, and the world is about to end … unless a small band of brilliant adventurers in a highjacked, high-tech submersible can save a ‘dead’ man buried miles under the Antarctic ice and solve a million-year-old mystery.

Just a few weeks ago, Simon Fitzpatrick’s father – one of world’s greatest scientists and engineers – died under mysterious circumstances. The sinister world government, UNED, won’t tell Simon anything about his death – if he died at all. Then Simon is unexpectedly visited by a college buddy, now an espionage agent, who brings him a message that convinces Simon that his father is still alive…and that he needs to be rescued. Read more

What readers are saying...

  • A combination of Dan Brown's Deception Point and Angels & Demons but without the feeling like you are reading a science or history book. Kendall Harris
  • The fantasy imagery and sci/tech of a Metal Gear video game, with the trills and depth/layers of Ender’s Game. Armen Mahdessian
  • From beginning to end there are plot twists, new and exciting characters being introduced as well as fascinating futuristic technology Kendall Harris
  • The mystery is fast-paced, suspenseful, and thrilling with twists that include secret societies and global conspiracies. I was reminded of James Bond movies with their futuristic technical gadgets, action scenes and dramatic settings. Carol Skeldon
  • Where could you find a more perfect summer read?? Summer Reads
  • The science is good, the adventure realistic, the antagonist & company are pragmatic, the story line super. It builds on today's real world and grows into what might be discovered tomorrow. David Stacey
  • Dan Brown, with a futuristic twist. smw812
  • Highly recommended, especially if you like the style of Dan Brown's books. I can't wait to read the next two! J. Karazis
  • Super bombs, super technology, arch villains, a beautiful ninja operative, chases and fights through an "under-ice" maze in Antarctica, and an alien artifact J.B. Kraft